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[ossig] Recruiting Linux System Engineer

Hi all,

I am looking for Linux staffs to fill in a few positions. If you come 
across any individual who is experience or non-experience in Linux, 
please let me know. As long as the interests is Open Source and wanted 
to grow the career as Linux expert, I will welcome them.

My company's focus is on Linux System. All our deployment are using Red 
Hat Enterprise Linux now (was RHL). We also develop some products and 
services and provide technical support with maintenance to customers. We 
have a lot of resources available to learn and grow.

To make a good System Engineer, this is our recommendation:

1. Good understanding of computer hardware and software. Normally 
Computer Engineering graduates are best fit, but not limited to. This 
ease troubleshooting with good logic and common sense.

2. Interests. We believe this is the correct factor to drive a person 

3. English. Almost all documentations are written in English... it make 
sense to be able to read and write well.

Other criteria will be assessed during interview. You can send resume to 
vacancy AT md DOT com DOT my. Or visit Jobstreet posting here,


Yeak Nai Siew                  << Mac OS Forever >> << Linux Forever>>
System Consultant, RHCE

Red Hat made available RHCE credential verification service online.
See http://www.redhat.com/rhce/rhce806200928901893.html

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