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[ossig] Election Release

Dear all, 

A copy of this release can be found at



        Some of us (hopefully that includes you), are trying to set up a 
open source organisation with the main purpose of promoting open source, 
pooling of resource among small open source companies. 

        This started out as a discussion on the ossig mailing list related to 
an industrial association for open source companies. During a subsequent, 
physical meeting among 17 members of the communities, it was concluded that 
the best way to proceed with this is to set up a Sdn. Bhd. type organisation. 
Provisionally, this organisation is referred to as MOSIG.  Detail of the 
discussion can be found on the ossig mailing list archive and 

        One of the problem with the original idea was, there were no ( or lack 
organised effort to set up this company and important aspect such as business 
model, share holder issues. A shareholder agreement was drafted but no 
decision had been made on what to do with this particular agreement.  
Therefore, we have decided to setup a pro-term committee to oversee the 
formation of this new company.  The pro-term committee will be replaced when 
the company is form and list of member is finalised. 

        Anyone who is interested in this idea is welcome to join the initial 
participation alone does not mean an obligation to join at the later stage. 

Howto participate 
 You may join the MOSIG mailing list at 

At the moment the following individual are being nominated for the following 
positions : 

 Dinesh Nair , 
 Yusseri Yusoff, 
 Raja Iskandar
 Yusseri Yusoff,
 Dinesh Nair
 Jason Tan
 Jason Tan, 
 Raja Iskandar
Tan Tze Meng (elected without contest)

Dosier of candidates ( in no particular order)

Note : Dosier was prepared by candidate themselves.
Jason Tan Boon Teck

Here's a little write-up before the cold medicine takes effect: 

I started my articleship with KPMG (it was called KPMG Peat Marwick
then) straight out of form six on my birthday in 1999. Left the sweat
shop in 1995 to join TPDA S/B as a Finance (& IT) Manager to get the
company listed on the KLSE. Unfortunately, the economy took a nose dive
in August 1997 when we were 95% of the way there.

Hopped over to Kenn Kenn Auto Accessories & Services S/B (a subsidiary
of Foremost Holdings) as the Finance & Admin (& IT) Manager, to finish
up that last 5%. After getting Foremost listed, life became mundane and
meaningless there, although I was also the Quality Manager doing the ISO
9002 implementation.

Came out with some colleagues to do some financial consulting under VC
Associates S/B. Did a merger & acquisition for a client producing golf
buggies in 2001. We saw good potential in that business and decided to
venture into that business forming Champino S/B in the process, which
eventually took up 100% of our time. Champino now markets buggies as
well as design and build tram cars. My role there has evolved into "one
leg kick all" (chinese proverb) except for the assembly work itself. 

I've been trying to move away from accounting to IT but circumstances
seems to pull me back every time I move too far in that direction.

My exposure to Linux was back in the early 90's when you've to feed 50
floppies to install the OS. I went in and out of Red Hat boxes over the
years depending on the demands on my time by projects I was doing. For
FOSS, I'm more a user than a programmer since my programming skills are
not that canggih (powerful).

I've to confess that I'm not a full FOSS user as I need to use AutoCAD
(3-D designs) and the occasional non-epileptic inducing games. I'll
also leave the Windows OS if I can get my Lexmark Z33 printers to work
properly in Linux.

I see the future and opportunities for FOSS is inevitable and one may as
well embrace it since "resistance is futile".

Dinesh Nair

ok here's mine, and bear in mind that as i'm writing this i have not slept 
for 52 hours (and counting).

back in 1983 when i was a wee kid of 13, the folks asked me what i wanted 
to do and i said, "play computer". so the folks bought me a commodore vic 
20. that soon gave way to an amiga, then a sinclair zx spectrum and in 
1985, a spanking new apple ][+ clone. i was using the boxen for games (what 
else !!) and a little bit of coding in basic, pascal and Z80 and 6502 
assembler. at the same time, i was moonlighting on the side writing game 
reviews for battlezone (in.tech's grandfather) and as one of Uncle Ho's 
early minions, breaking copy protection on apple ][ games as fast as they 
came in. my partner in crime in that venture is today microsoft's head 
developer evangelist for asia-pac. ironic how things turn out, eh ?

at about the same time, this hippie-infested university released an 
operating system derived from Unix called BSD Unix, and some folk were 
porting that to the apple's 6502 processor, a project called A/UX (or apple 
unix). it's also about this time that a new networking protocol called 
internet protocol started to make it's rounds, and i took on the task of 
porting the BSD IP stack to A/UX.

most software ('cept games) then was open source, for these were before the 
clone wars and the emergence of the evil empire. my long hours of 300 baud 
connect time to the US based servers was sort of sponsored by the incumbent 
telecommunications company, though they didnt know that they were providing 
me nice international trunks to play with. someone should have told them 
that their switches ran unix and curious kids with time to spare can 
discover interesting things.

wasn't too long before i scooted off to USM in penang for my undergraduate 
degree, where i got to play computer some more, this time big ass encore 
multimax boxen (with nice blinkenlighten) and later on, a whole sun sparc 
630MP which was mine, all mine as well as sole control of the blazingly 
fast 9.6kbps SL/IP internet connection which served all of USM. (insert 
maniacal laugh here). cs.usm.my was thus born (and exists till today).

4 years in USM were a haze of parties, deejay gigs and basically goofing 
around. it was during this time that the clone wars were taking place, with 
the likes of compaq and hp taking on big blue for dominance of a new 
market, the personal computer. somewhere in between the clash of the 
titans, the seeds of an evil empire were being sown in redmond, and by the 
time i was in my final year in USM, their dominance was established. 90% of 
my batch mates used MSDOS for their final year thesis research. i was the 
only unix head, with the rest opting for MacOS. i missed the clones wars 
and the PC revolution, leaving USM with unix knowledge but absolutely no 
experience on the platform which was sweeping the world, MSDOS/x86 and 
later windows/x86.

first paid job as a graduate was with bass consulting, who were a software 
dev/sys integrator in the stock broking and insurance industries. i was the 
  resident unix head for the lots of sun spacs, hp pa-risc and the 
occasional sgi indigos we sold. did lots of systems programming, including 
a kernel firewall for sunos 4.2, the percusor to sunos 5.0 and solaris. 
that firewall was serving bass consulting from 1993 till 1996. it was here 
that i connected bass into the first dot com in the country, first bass.my 
then later bass.com.my. (dinesh@bass.my is still listed on some internet 
white pages).

i exitted bass consulting stage left in 1995 to start my own 
consultancy/research unit with a bunch of other unix, telecommunications 
and internet heads. we consulted for a couple of local cellular providers 
(ok, maxis and celcom. no one else existed then) and at the same time did 
contract research into data and computer networking, specifically tcp/ip 
and distributed processing mechanisms. by this time, freebsd was already 
our OS of choice for it's BSD roots and tcp stack. in 1996, a little known 
browser company bought our technology out, just after sy thian and i won 
RM50K for teaching an arrogant ceo a lesson.

since i could not stomach becoming an employee again, i teamed up with 
another chap to work on a fledgling national project, the smart card based 
national passport. we worked together with the same chaps who built the 
mondex payment system in the UK and wrote the crypto components for the 
smart card operating system. at the same time, one doctor from kedah 
announced this koridor raya multimedia thing with it's flagship 
applications and together with iris technologies, we bid for and won the 
national smart id card flagship, today called MyKad. finished both the 
projects and moved back into unemployment when we were bought out.

goofed around for a few months before teaming up with a couple of other 
folk to bid for the msc teleconsultation flagship project in 1998. we got 
that one, and spent the next 5 years architecting, building and then 
operating the 42 node nationwide network for the ministry of health.

five years was enough for me and i divested my interests in worldcare to 
work on an open source driven national software development investment 
programme with a venture capitalist where i discovered that no matter how 
noble the idea and the plan, politics and dirty deeds will always win the 
day. dead agungs can cause people to put aside larger interests for their own.

today, with my old friend and partner, we've started two skunkworks to 
build some funky stuff using embedded platforms and operating systems 
(picobsd based, natch), network routing and security technologies and 
telecomms switching matrices. FCS is in a couple of months, so we've got to 
remain in stealth till then. it's also the reason why i've not slept for 52 

why do i want mosig to happen ? because it's time that open source delivers 
on the promise we've been hyping all this while. the only way this can 
happen is for it to bridge the chasm from being a hobbyist's plaything into 
a stack of technologies which enterprises can bet their bottom dollars on. 
for this to work, we need strong delivery capability in open source 
technologies, not just engineering and integration, but software 
development and business smarts as well. we must go beyond piddly 
application programming and start working closer to the metal, lest we be 
left behind and end up making sneakers.

'nuff said.

now, i need to go and catch 7,385 winks for i turn 35 in exactly 5 hours.

Yusseri Yusoff

Right, first off, I talk and write too much.

I have a BEng. in Electronics Engineering (Computing) from Uni of Sheffield, 
an MSc. in Telecommunications and Information Systems from Uni of Essex and 
PhD from the School of Electronics and Physical Sciences from Uni of Surrey 
for digital video stuff. Initially planning to spend my whole life as an 
academic, I sort of fell into working when I decided to take a break after 
all those years of study and applied for a system engineer job in KL. Somehow 
or other, I never got round to going back to university, though I still plan 
on doing so someday.

My first ever job (not counting the 7-11 one after SPM) was as the R&D Manager 
at Open Source Systems S|B -- that was where I applied to just be a sys 
engineer, actually. This was from Aug. 2000 to Jan 2002. Part of the job 
scope there was to dick around with clusters (beowulf, LVS, HA, etc.), 
virtual reality (my imaging bg was good here), and other bits and pieces. 

I then joined DRB-HICOM Information Technologies S|B as a product engineer in 
Feb 2002 (at this point I was still valiantly trying to avoid any sort of 
mgmt job). Was elevated to my level of incompetence as the CTO in Aug 2002, 
or thereabouts. Became a director of the company in late 2002 or early 2003. 
Part of the team that did the Komnas 2020 PCs, I was also involved in 
formulating the proposal to the government in executing a public sector OSS 
initiative. Also dicked around on other stuff. Some of which involved sushi.

Left DHIT in May 2003 and joined Advance Synergy Bhd. as the Asst. GM, ICT 
where I am also CEO of one sub, Deputy CEO of another, Director of a number 
more. In other words, all hell broke loose when I got to ASB. There are good 
reasons for that happening, which I would rather not get into here.

Since I was part of the original team from DHIT that worked on the proposal to 
the govt. on their OSS initiative, I stayed on as Project Director of that 
thingy until today, too.

Started using Linux (slack) in 1994, when a friend recommended it in 
Sheffield. A Malaysian, my friend has remained there until today (probably 
likes the bitter too much). Full, daily usage of Linux started in the summer 
of 1995, because it was a lot easier to read USENET at home 
(alt...binaries....) than at school. Also had C programming work that was 
easier to do on Linux box instead of using Turbo C on DOS, since using Sun at 
uni. Did FreeBSD in '98, I think, and gave up when I realised that I didn't 
have my department's dev libs (http://ravl.sourceforge.net/) on it and it was 
too much work porting it over.

Wrote most code on Linux box for MSc and PhD, mainly on C and C++ with a bit 
of csh, tcl, tk and perl thrown in. Was taught finger gymnastics on Emacs by 
lecturer in Essex (alien@essex.ac.uk). Still believe that it's the best 
everything-but-the-kitchen sink around.

Never cared much for Free/OSS until '96 when a student from Singapore started 
rubbishing Linux, GNU and anything else "free" because, well, it was free. In 
other words, the idiot basically said that nothing free can be any good and 
MS was where it's at. Took it as a personal affront since I was writing 
f**king good code, using "free" stuff. Was writing a lot of image conversion 
stuff at that point. Though I never released them, what with imagemagick, 
gimp and the above RAVL (some of my algos are in there, I think. Never 
bothered to check).

This is taking too long so I'll end there. Can't be bothered to expand on the 
corporate stuff.  Am currently in severe pain since I had my wisdom (yeah, 
right) tooth pulled out.

DISCLAIMER: When writing description of self, it is always selective history.

Finally, if you love this group, vote the other guy!

Thank you,


Tan Tze-Meng

Ok here's mine

Where shall I start? :)

Studied at St John's Primary and Institution up to 1979, then went to 
the UK to continue my studies at Wellington School, Somerset, England.
Graduated BSc(Eng) Computer Engineering from Queen Mary College, 
University of London in 1986 and returned home to work.
Worked at Computer Protocol and Industronics (pre Berhad) and joined 
Telekom Malaysia IT Division in 1988. Transferred to fledgling ISP in 
1995 which is TMnet today. While at TM I managed the external network 
(the transit and peering links). In 1996 I was introduced to FreeBSD by 
my current partner in OpenSOS, Mike Choo. Left TM in mid 2000 to start 
a consulting company, IDCconsult Sdn Bhd which eventually became a 
Patimas subsidiary, SED Technology Sdn Bhd, an Enterprise distributor 
for Sun Microsystems. While at IDC/SED was involved in a number of 
projects including MyLoca, Maybank2U (Singapore) and PBB Internet 
banking. Left SED at end 2002 to operate OpenSOS Sdn Bhd full time 
after securing a contract with Apple South Asia for PS and consulting.

OpenSOS is a professional services, hosting services and consulting 
company (2 partners, 1 engineer) focussing on Open Source Internet 
infrastructure solutions (email, web, DNS, directory, etc etc) and we 
specialise in FreeBSD, Mac OS X solutions but can handle anything that 
looks like Unix :) For consulting we handle IT practice and procedures, 
security, network, performance assessment and capacity planning.

Haven't done any serious programming since leaving Industronics in 1988 
- an MSDOS/Turbo Pascal based physical security device 
monitoring/reporting software for Bank Negara.

Thats my working life in a nutshell :)
Raja Iskandar

Raja Iskandar is the founding member of RISC Niaga Enterprise (a small
office firm) and manages the overall business of the firm besides his
expertise on business information systems. He has over 12 years
experience in the study, design, development, sales, implementation,
support, and review of business information systems for large
corporations as well as small 锟� medium sized enterprises. He graduated
with a BSc (Hons) Economics & Accounting from the University of Bristol,
United Kingdom, and was previously employed in Arthur Andersen & Co and
HICOM Holdings Berhad.

why am i 'not' declining nominations:
1. someone has to do it
2. this is just for a pro-term committee
3. i want oss to make money in a 'socialistic' manner
4. i have had some experience with business models
5. let's get it on and move on

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