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[ossig] Clearout - free stuff to good home.

I leave Malaysia in a couple of weeks, the following is free to
a good home (or thrown away if no takers).

Email to me directly via http://www.willsmith.org/contactme.php
(not to this list) and I'll tell you if you are the first to request
each item.

If so, you'll need to come to my house in Sri Petaling (near Komplex
Sukan Negara) to pick up your item.  You need to come soon, I
move out early next week.

Item # 1 - Computer Case + Modern Athlon Motherboard
1 computer case - modern, minitower
With : Asus A7V8X-X motherboard (Via, not nforce).
        Takes DDR memory.  Worked fine with Athlon 2000+.
         But : only 2nd PATA channel works - fine for
               1 or 2 drives max.
      : hard drive mounting rails etc.

Without : CPU, memory, Power Supply, HDD, PATA cables etc,
           extractor fans etc.

Must be used for running open source operating system!  Fully
detected by Fedora 2.
Prefer to give to student etc - if you are rich with lots of PCs
already, please let somebody else take it.

Item #2 - Nonworking but audiophile CD Player

CD player, Rega Planet (top loading).
Original cost in 1997 : USD800.
Very sought after CD player in its day, this is the
first model, almost the first one purchased (serial number
Complete with original manual and remote control.

Unfortunately, I was warned that these don't play well
with Malaysian power system.  They were right - I guess it
needed a surge suppressor or something.  6 months after bringing
it here, it stopped working.  Suspect something in the power supply

Item #3 - Worlds first home video game, 1972 with all extras.

Magnavox Odyssey 1.  Typically goes on ebay for approx USD200.
Launched in 1972.  Magnavox went bust a few years later - only a few
of the first model were sold.


I bought two of these on ebay in about 1997.  Too bulky to keep
following me around.  They are the 'worlds first videogame',
coming even before Pong.  One is complete with original box and
all extras, another is partially incomplete.   Almost definitely
the only ones in Malaysia!

Downside : needs a VHF TV to play.  I've never owned one,
but you could probably find one in an antiques shop.  Also
possible to build a VHF->UHF converter, I think.

[Imran] William Smith

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