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[ossig] Webinar: Develop & Profit under the GPL

Howdy, a web seminar on getting the GPL to work for you. Might be good
for policy makers/planners/etc..., and those that think developing under
the GPL is not viable. I've not heard it before (doh!), but I'm
definitely wanting to listen on

There are two sessions to be presented on Tuesday 14 September, choose 8
am US Pacific Time or 5 pm US Pacific Time.

Webinar presented by Jason Wacha VP Corporate Affairs MontaVista 
Software: http://www.mvista.com/webinar/ad5.html

"This session will explore some of the obstacles facing open source 
efforts and how you can work with open source software while keeping 
programs proprietary. It will also provide characterization of how open 
source functions, the legal and technical nature of the GNU Public 
license, developer rights and obligations when leveraging and deploying 
open source software, and an overview of different open source business 
Colin Charles, byte@aeon.com.my
"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, 
then you win." -- Mohandas Gandhi

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