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Re: [ossig] Anyone interested in doing some tech research?

--- Dinesh Nair <dinesh@alphaque.com> wrote:

> On 30/08/2004 18:20 Mukhsein Johari said the
> for starters, this is a Good Thing (tm). it's high
> time research grants 
> went to things like these.


> the question would be, what the research goals of
> the project are ? 
> who's running the research programme, academia or
> the individuals who 
> respond ? would there be a path to commercialization
> or is there a 
> tie-in to a post-graduate programme at one of the
> local universities ?

These are pertinent questions and I shall answer them:

1. Overall goal is to be able to utilize multiple GPU
cards in one box for compute intensive scientific
calculations. The current areas of interest are
physics, chemistry and engineering simulations type
problems. As you can imagine, these use a lot of fp
and  matrix type calculations.
2. To get there, researchers will have to create
'device drivers' and other kernel-side (as well as
userland) infrastructure software.
3. Full hardware specs will be given (again, due to
top-level contacts) but whether or not NDAs will need
to be signed has not yet been determined. It would
still be interesting either way but the reason I'm
sounding off to members of this list is because I
think it would be better if the researchers are
themselves OSS proponents and can argue for the open
sourcing of the resultant software.
4. Software infrastructure would also be needed to
allow (non-computer) scientists to easily program
their problems - or cooperate with the researchers to
get their problems translated into programs that can
utilize the GPUs.

1. The direction would be academics (since the grant
*is* for scientific research), some professor or
other. However, the interested individuals would be
part of the team and you'd be surprised how much
influence / leverage you can have in determining

1. Indeed, almost all the gov grants I currently know
of (running/coming to end) have this end goal in mind.

Post graduate studies:
1. Those interested are actually *expected* (but not
required) to publish papers and also work for their
masters and/or phds as part of the research work. The
program head would be your supervisor. (or one of
them, in case of phd)
2. In the U I'm attached to, researchers get the
double-whammy of being paid to do research as well as
have the opportunity to do their postgrad degrees.
(yes, effectively get paid to do your postgrad without
having to pay back a loan)

> > don't think there are any locals who are
> (interested
> > enough && competent enough && available enough)
> for
> i believe there are, though most are working outside
> of academia at the 
> moment.

That's what I meant. See the "available enough"
qualifier above :-)

> which rules me out of this mix. :)
> i'm actually more interesting in using the BSD
> kernel for embedded 
> devices with near realtime capabilities for
> applications in 
> telecommunications and electronic control units.

Yup, that's another end entirely. Although, I don't
have any leads on that one. Sorry, man. Maybe you and
Tejinder could whip something up? Tej *is* in
academia. How about it, Tej? Try for an IRPA grant?

> > Anyone interested and thinks he/she is up to it
> and
> > could commit for a few years (starting from
> 2005/2006
> > or so), please email me privately.

OK, hopefully I've answered the questions to your (and
others) satisfaction. I've got 2 interested
individuals so far. Any more takers? I need to get
back to my boss about this soon.

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