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Re: [ossig] Re: [myoss] OpenOffice.org in Schools

What if it's not a school which would like to benefit from this exercise?  How about a centre which caters to the resources needs of schools, teachers and students?  How about a centre which recruits volunteers to serve at charitable organizations?  And such centre could be a one-person operation, it could be a profit-oriented or non-profit oriented operation.  How does such centre start with open soucre/switch from windows platform without incuring any cost more than a few dollars in acquring freely distrubuted CDs?  Talking about stand alone destops and networked destops.

Colin Charles <byte@aeon.com.my> wrote:
On Fri, 2003-08-29 at 19:09, Colin Charles wrote:
> To celebrate its 3rd anniversary, on the 13th of September 2003, the
> OpenOffice.org project is spinning off something new – the
> OpenOffice.org in Schools project.

Oops, should have mentioned this earlier, but in schools in the UK, they
have CD Burners and the like, and they're taking the schools project a
step further - some teachers are asking their students to burn OOo cd's
which they download the ISOs for (thru their fat Internet pipes).

These CD's will not be for their consumption, because they want to
spread the message around. So they will post it to some lucky Malaysian
school(s), with postage&handling borne by the school in the UK.

If there are "donor schools" wanting to accept e-mailing me is also a
good idea.

Remember, all schools are meant to benefit - rural schools, urban
schools, private schools, etc...

A thought has occured though - maybe we want to roll our own "Malaysian
distro", with localisation as an option.
Colin Charles, byte@aeon.com.my

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