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Re: [myoss] Re: [ossig] Technical workshops in MIMOS?

> Might also be a fun demonstration at one of the FOSSCons to show
> participants how quickly a default installation of most OSes can be
> compromised.

The CtF Game (I use the term game rather than competition now) at
HITBSC2003 will not only test that - but it will cover a whole new
level of CtF game. We will organize the game not only to show the
above, but other things as well, namely:

-rapid development and deployment (set up a secure server fast)
-deep IDS, firewall knowledge (how do you detect anonymous and
 random score server* and differentiate among attacks)
-patching and updates (patch and updates without breaking
 services - service down - lose points)
-server hardening (can your server withstand MASSIVE attack)
-reaction and response (uh oh.... there's an opponent flag, can't
 close the port or score server will not be happy)
-sysadmin skills (rpm update, cvs, stackguard,....)
-attack and defense (you can defense, but can you attack?)

Just keep an eye open for the CtF page at http://conference.hackinthebox.org
The CtF details will be online!

(*) scoring system that will be used for HITBSC2003 CtF Game.

> Ken


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