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Re: [ossig] Thanks for FOSSCON

On 29 Aug 2003 at 3:11, Tze-Meng Tan wrote:

> Inet (the Internet Society conference) is a good example
> They have experts do full day workshops (hands on - bring your own 
> hardware) which are pretty much fully booked 6 months ahead of time
> They teach things like configuring routers, security, IPv6, etc but 
> generally focussed on helping new ISPs get going

Since you mentioned the INET event, this might be the time to start 
plugging Apricot2004.  APRICOT like INET focusses on Internet and related 
technologies with multi-tracked workshops, tutorials and conference.  
However APRICOT's main target audience is the Asia-Pacific region and the 
host country.

This will be the second time around APRICOT will be held in KL (first time 
was in 2001).  See the preliminary announcement at www.apricot2004.net.  
Since we are the local hosts, if we want to see some Internet/network-
related OSS topics either in the workshops/tutorials or conference we can 
try to work them in.  Pls let me know.  Also, if some people want to 
present workshops/tutorials or conference papers they are also welcome to 
submit them or get in touch with me.

Soo Hoe

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