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[ossig] FOSSCON2003 international press coverage

FOSSCON2003 got some international coverage.  Seems like
the word 'strategic' makes people take things seriously.

All roughly the same article though, seems Bernama is
the source, then CNETAsia took it up and the rest got it
from there.

Shame there was almost no local coverage of FOSSCON2003.  Perhaps
the Star Tech Central reporters were told that covering a
foreign software company's jolly brings in more dollars for
the newspaper than reporting on what the multimedia minister says?


"Moggie: M'sia Fully Supports Open Source Software"

"Open source has "strategic role": M'sia"

"Malaysia gets behind open source"

"Malaysia gets behind open source"

"Malaysia reaffirms 'strategic role' of open source"

"Malaysia Govt says OSS is strategic"

Now it's also beginning to appear in the Linux / technical
press, such as www.linuxtoday.com


Imran William Smith
Project Manager, Open Source Development,
MIMOS Berhad, Malaysia

Asian Open Source Centre : http://www.asiaosc.org
MIMOS Open Source        : http://opensource.mimos.my

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