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Re: [ossig] Technical workshops in MIMOS?

On Fri, 29 Aug 2003, Imran William Smith wrote:

> OpenEd title great idea, trouble is it may parse as 'opened' if people
> don't use caps.

exactly, opened or OpenED. the very same pun/mispronounciation i'm hoping
for. as in, WE'RE OPENED ! :)

> Corporate sponsorship - I'm against, doesn't save much money and it will
> take us guys longer to arrange the sponsorship than the money it will

since the cost of each w/shop is low, i dont think it'd be too difficult.
i suggested sponsorship to offload some of the burden off mimos. :)

> My only worry is if it becomes too good I'd personally like to be able
> to prepare slides in 3-4 hours for a 45 min presentation as part of a
> 1/2 day session conducted by several people.  , how do we limit numbers

i was going more along the lines of each session concentrating on a single
topic, and lasting about 2-3 hours each. say 2pm-5pm on a saturday
afternoon with 5pm-6pm being tea time and mingling of people/developer

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