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Re: [myoss] Re: [ossig] Technical workshops in MIMOS?

That fits in very well with Mad Dog's central 'principles not products'

Having said that, I see no problem in having a whole day on BSD if
someone's got the expertise and the slides.
Rather than we spend too long trying to fine-tuning categorizations of
software / OSS, maybe we can continue by volunteering as speakers on
topics and see what content/experts we already have and then fit it
together afterwards? No point categorizing fields if we have no
willing speakers...


Ken Wong wrote:

Second the security track suggestion. However, suggest we make the topic areas more general, instead of focusing on particular technologies. So if we were using Dinesh's 6 topics as a base, I'd suggest:

1. Kernels (Linux, BSD, QNX, etc)
2. Distributions (BSD, RH, Debian, etc)
3. Databases (MySQL, Postgres, ZODB)
4. Web development (PHP, Perl, Python, DHTML, Flash (Evil!))
5. Languages (Java, Python, C++, Ruby)
6. Desktop Apps (KDE, Gnome, OO.o macros, conversions)
7. Server side Apps (Samba, Spamassassin, LTSP)
8. Security (Snort, firewall rules, Nessus, etc)

By making each group more general, we cover far more area and may learn about apps and techniques we never knew about. It also allows us to adapt to changing technologies.

Btw, not to compete with opensource.mimos.org or www.asiaosc.org or anything, but www.iosn.net would be glad to host any of these materials. It's part of our charter. :)


On Friday 29 August 2003 13:08, tai wrote:

On Fri, 29 Aug 2003, Dinesh Nair wrote:

1. Linux (Kernel structures, Performance Tuning, Filesystem et al)
2. FreeBSD (Ports, CVS, Performance Tuning, Filesystem et al)
3. MySQL (Configuration, Replication, Redundancy, Performance
Tuning) 4. PHP & Web App Development (incorporating Apache)
5. Java development (JBoss, Tomcat, JDK issues, IDEs)
6. Desktop Apps (KDE, Gnome, OO.o macros, conversions)

I still don't like php, too much security issues in the default
install, and difficult to turn off defaults. Consider using perl.

Also, there should be a security track, possibly using openbsd as
the base (the new pf is super flexible, and you can even do a poor
man's BGP with it). Firewall, nat, networking, etc, squid on openbsd
as an example http proxy, postfix, and how that can be used as a smtp
proxy for companies that depend on exchange/notes/etc for their
internal systems for additional security/antispam/etc.

Also consider changing mysql to database, and include postgres.

Obviously, this is only possible if there's folks who know these,
but I'm hoping enough folks have mucked around with openbsd to be
able to give a good presentation of it. Wish I'm in M'sia, this
sounds like fun.


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