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[ossig] Re: [myoss] OpenOffice.org Community Marketing Contact

Quoting Colin Charles <byte@aeon.com.my>:

> On Tue, 2003-08-26 at 12:28, Bustamam Harun wrote:
> > Localization of OpenOffice to Malaysian language has been officially my 
> > responsibility since about 2 years ago:
> > http://l10n.openoffice.org/localization_responsibilities.html
> yes, and now its time to contribute back to my.openoffice.org (or
> ms.openoffice.org at some stage)
> > Plus a few other projects including Linux/Sparc port of OpenOffice.org,
> which 
> > they acknowledge on the OpenOffice credit page for my contribution, I even
> > received a T-shirt :) (the animated scrolling thingy in the "about" box is
> > all gone now mnajem :)):
> > http://www.openoffice.org/welcome/credits.html#h
> yup. i was listed there too ;-) its gone. the credits page still
> acknowledges i'm sure.
> > OpenOffice related project does not have to be hosted on CollabNet to be
> an
> > official OOo project like I did with my Perl UNO binding project:
> > http://www.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?msgId=790783&listName=dev
> > I personally think sf have superior service and support compared to
> >  CollabNet.
> correct. but it needs to be recognised outside collabnet. and it just
> goes with the OOo flow at the moment.
> but yes, its true, there are heaps of projects sitting on sf.net. 
> > We maintain high quality translation by doing linguistic reviews for
> >  accuracy. We won't be releasing any complete localized bundled OOo
> software
> >  until the review is completed.  The "unofficial" tar-ball is just for
> people
> >  who wish to see how the translated OOo looks like so far and for our
> review
> >  members. If the software is released it's not because someone need
> localized
> >  OOo software by certain date or for certain demos in some expo.  It may 
> > change depending on the situation.
> we really need an "official" tarball. even if we achieve 80% localised
> bits, we need to commit. (gnome follows this style, more than 80 or 85%
> at the moment; they may raise the bar, but it hasn't been yet)
> i know of other bits of OOo being translated to at the moment by
> different teams because of lack of transparency by singa emas. in the
> end, we'll have 3 different BM translations, that do the same thing.
> wasted hacking time, imho.
> at this stage, the gun gets jumped the moment there's an "official"
> release imho.
> > All that said, I think there should only be 1 localization project for 
> > Malaysian Languages anyone who wish to contribute may join the Singa Emas 
> > project.  I value the members contribution and input and if they think I
> need 
> > to change my management style I would try to accomodate the request.  The 
> > same applies if they like to see a new leader, we can do an election. 
> There 
> > are a lot more qualified people in the team and I'm just providing them an
> > environment where they can contribute to the project productively.
> no bustamam, you're a great leader. apparently, its just management
> style. time to delegate :)
> > I may also delegate some tasks to a different group if we don't have the 
> > expertise to handle like the localization group for Kelabit and Iban 
> > languages.
> lets get Bahasa Melayu working first, and all will be better.
> > I don't intend to clog this OSS mailing list with this discussion unless
> if
> >  it's pretaining to OSS in general.  Any other issues should be in the
> form
> >  of personal email CCing only to interested party.
> agreed. 
> last i'll say on this issue too.
> really, let's get back to working. i think sharuzzaman is satisfied too.
> will be e-mailing you as always.
> king regards.
> -- 
> Colin Charles, byte@aeon.com.my
> http://www.bytebot.net/

Sorry, i do'not follow your discussion earlier, i got problem with my 
connection for few days

On the localisation, actually there is no issue at all, we already have the 
leader -Bustaman - and the platform -singa emas-, what we should do now is to 
help each other. make the intriductory of ourself and see where can we 
compliment each other.


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