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[ossig] Re: [myoss] OpenOffice.org Community Marketing Contact

On Tue, 2003-08-26 at 12:28, Bustamam Harun wrote:

> Localization of OpenOffice to Malaysian language has been officially my 
> responsibility since about 2 years ago:
> http://l10n.openoffice.org/localization_responsibilities.html

yes, and now its time to contribute back to my.openoffice.org (or
ms.openoffice.org at some stage)

> Plus a few other projects including Linux/Sparc port of OpenOffice.org, which 
> they acknowledge on the OpenOffice credit page for my contribution, I even 
> received a T-shirt :) (the animated scrolling thingy in the "about" box is 
> all gone now mnajem :)):
> http://www.openoffice.org/welcome/credits.html#h

yup. i was listed there too ;-) its gone. the credits page still
acknowledges i'm sure.

> OpenOffice related project does not have to be hosted on CollabNet to be an
> official OOo project like I did with my Perl UNO binding project:
> http://www.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?msgId=790783&listName=dev
> I personally think sf have superior service and support compared to
>  CollabNet.

correct. but it needs to be recognised outside collabnet. and it just
goes with the OOo flow at the moment.

but yes, its true, there are heaps of projects sitting on sf.net. 

> We maintain high quality translation by doing linguistic reviews for
>  accuracy. We won't be releasing any complete localized bundled OOo software
>  until the review is completed.  The "unofficial" tar-ball is just for people
>  who wish to see how the translated OOo looks like so far and for our review
>  members. If the software is released it's not because someone need localized
>  OOo software by certain date or for certain demos in some expo.  It may 
> change depending on the situation.

we really need an "official" tarball. even if we achieve 80% localised
bits, we need to commit. (gnome follows this style, more than 80 or 85%
at the moment; they may raise the bar, but it hasn't been yet)

i know of other bits of OOo being translated to at the moment by
different teams because of lack of transparency by singa emas. in the
end, we'll have 3 different BM translations, that do the same thing.
wasted hacking time, imho.

at this stage, the gun gets jumped the moment there's an "official"
release imho.

> All that said, I think there should only be 1 localization project for 
> Malaysian Languages anyone who wish to contribute may join the Singa Emas 
> project.  I value the members contribution and input and if they think I need 
> to change my management style I would try to accomodate the request.  The 
> same applies if they like to see a new leader, we can do an election.  There 
> are a lot more qualified people in the team and I'm just providing them an 
> environment where they can contribute to the project productively.

no bustamam, you're a great leader. apparently, its just management
style. time to delegate :)

> I may also delegate some tasks to a different group if we don't have the 
> expertise to handle like the localization group for Kelabit and Iban 
> languages.

lets get Bahasa Melayu working first, and all will be better.

> I don't intend to clog this OSS mailing list with this discussion unless if
>  it's pretaining to OSS in general.  Any other issues should be in the form
>  of personal email CCing only to interested party.

last i'll say on this issue too.

really, let's get back to working. i think sharuzzaman is satisfied too.
will be e-mailing you as always.

king regards.
Colin Charles, byte@aeon.com.my

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