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Re: [myoss] Fwd: [ossig] Open Office Malay Localization (was: Lelong,lelong ... )

On Sun, 2003-08-24 at 15:24, Hasbullah Bin Pit wrote:

> 3nd mistake:-
> didnt merge it to the 1.1 brach (or HEAD? )

not a mistake yet! can be fixed.

as soon as rc4 is "stable", i'm gonna apply his malay patch onto it, and
send him information upstream.

> > So if its found to be an insult, I suggest all you translators go ahead
> > and get accounts on openoffice.org and start syncing back with their
> > trees - not running separate projects.
> i think no need to hace a/c at ooo.org
> there are several other team that listed with external url.
> but i think what's import is to commit upstream.

correct. must commit upstream. 
external url's are fine, but we really do prefer something internal,

> > And I want contributors not translators - OOo has many other projects.
> > We have CDROM projects, OOo in Schools projects, and many more. Please
> > don't get it wrong.
> OK,
> should OOo ppl from several project discus this thing at OOo main 
> mailing list or crossposting between several OOo mailing list?
> I dont know OOo as much as bustamam and colin, but sure there is 
> equivalent to gnome's gnome-i18n@gnome.org in OOo

there's a native-lang list. now that someone has created
my.openoffice.org, and bustamam really has the l10n page, let's figure
this out via e-mail first, and then commit upstream.

> > Because thats localisation only into BM. Which is unfair, since we have
> > to deal with Chinese and Indian localisations too, which Bustamam
> > doesn't.
> It suppose only for BM,
> Tamil and chinese were done by other team.
> you 've got to deal with tamil team.
> this guy bharateeyaoo@ncb.ernet.in
> chinese translation were done by OOo internal...

correct. and that's why the link didn't point to the BM one ONLY. 

we must be *considerate* to other languages, too.

> Is't a resposibility for translator to create a distro?
> OOo is weird...

not a "distro". just package it, not expect a user to apply a patch. of
course, if it was sent upstream, someone would've already packaged it.

> > 1. Contributors are welcome to contact me - not translators - if someone
> > wanted to start the Tamil port (Officially!), I'm someone whom you can
> > get in touch with
> you guy want to differentiate ta_IN and ta_MY?

nope. but maybe ta_IN can get help from folks in malaysia. is there a
difference with ta_IN/ta_MY?

and this applies to all the other languages, within malaysia.

Colin Charles, byte@aeon.com.my

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