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Re: [ossig] OpenOffice.org Community Marketing Contact

Colin Charles wrote:
From official quarters, we can't recognise a forked project and treat it
as "official". <snipped>
'official' or 'unofficial' isn't the point of my previous post. it's as simple as sticking a note near the end like, "there's currently no official malay localization for OOo, tho' bustamam has an unofficial malay localization fork for linux at $(URL), for those who are interested blah blah please contact the official OOo MarCon blah blah blah". isn't that better?

mentioning the original author is a long-held tradition of the open
source community, and the community has come a long way without
"official", "unofficial" and all.


const char *me[] = { "Bernard", "http://codenetic.net/"; };

The most important early product on the way to developing a good product
is an imperfect version.

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