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Re: [ossig] OpenOffice.org Community Marketing Contact

On Sat, 2003-08-23 at 16:23, Bernard yap wrote:
> > Let me add that there are now two people in the OpenOffice.org Community
> > Marketing Contact list, for Malaysia: <snipped>
> that sounds reasonable, but charles, it isn't very nice to go without mentioning 
>   harun and pointing to the http://oo-l10n-my.sourceforge.net. it's more of a 
> manners thing, you know.

>From official quarters, we can't recognise a forked project and treat it
as "official".

The proper project should really be sitting at http://my.openoffice.org/
which is native-lang, BM(Malaysia). And if we were serious about
localisations, we also need to release a full featured app, not just a
patch for Linux.

To be recognised officially, Bustamam needs to joing the native-lang
team at openoffice.org, start moving things from sourceforge to there,
and also releasing builds, not patches, not only for Linux, but for all
other supported OSes. Things at SF have been recognised however -
ooodocs.sf.net, but the current one by Bustamam isn't.

Now here's the deal - no one knows if Syamsul is working with Bustamam
at this moment and they are moving to my.openoffice.org, or is Bustamam
still running the "fork".

Admitedly, Bustamam has the original project under his belt. But if
my.openoffice.org runs something else or forks his project, thats what
will get recognised as a release, and will be "official".

As MarCon, I shouldn't be pushing non-official sources - which is why
the AsiaOSC dictionary that was created by Mimos wasn't also mentioned
in the press release. If its not on the OOo site, its not official.
Hence thats why I started the more "malaysian.html" thing, and
hopefully, at some stage when my.openoffice.org takes off, it'll get
pushed there and *all* projects get recognised.
Colin Charles, byte@aeon.com.my

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