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Re: [ossig] Open Office Malay Localization (was: Lelong, lelong ... )

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DATE: Sun, 17 Aug 2003 14:55:11
From: "Charles" <cfm@pc.jaring.my>
To: <ossig@mncc.com.my>

>Bahasa Melayu localisation work on OpenOffice 1.1 is still in progress and
>contributors are welcome to contact Charles at byte@aeon.com.my.
>An FAQ on OpenOffice is available at www.bytebot.net/openoffice/faq.html,
>while information on local OpenOffice resources including on localisation
>efforts can be found at www.bytebot.net/openoffice/malaysian.html.

It really interesting (or insulting) to me to read the word above. I wonder why keen contributors are welcome to contact Charles (Colin) and not Bustamam Harun ( bustamam98@yahoo.com )?

I also wonder why the information regarding localization effort can be found at www.bytebot.net/openoffice/malaysian.html and not Projek Singa Emas at http://oo-l10n-my.sourceforge.net ?

Is this intentional or the jurnalist does not know the real fact?

Full explaination is really appreciated.

Sharuzzaman Ahmat Raslan

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