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[ossig] help: can't boot up, suspect hard disk failure

I"m not sure what is going on here. I was doing some
coding, and by the time I commit my project to the cvs
it. the linux just crash on me. Then I can't boot up
after that.

it's a dell, has 2 SCSI disk, one is /dev/sda and
another one is /dev/sdb(boot disk). I suspect my hard
disk space is the truoble because I know I used to run
low on disk space. Then I boot up using cdrom linux
rescue mode, and try to mount the /dev/sda and
/dev/sdb to find out what is going on. I can mount the
/dev/sda but not /dev/sdb. unfortunaly, all the system
file are in /dev/sdb.

anyway, I use SCSI utility tool in bios to check out
the status of the SCSI disk, it's seem like it's list
out 2 disks


but one is not accessible and show the message:
The Device is not a Disk Drive

Any idea what is going on. The last message I see
before it's crash is ... can't write in kernel
UIU-whatever ..
If it's run low on disk space the worst case is screw
up the file structure not the harddisk right? how can
I save my data? hmmm, this is weird. anyway,
I'm stuck. I think the best I can do is asking around
now, and call dell tomorrow.


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