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Re: [ossig] Gentoo Linux

> After having totally murdered 2 production servers
> due to glibc upgrades -
> I can state that its tricky but definitely do-able.
I guess I got bite on that one too. it's definitely,
take a lot of experience ... and  especially whne you
upgrade someone computer or server. this happen to one
of my friend company server, they suspect they got
hack, so they asked me to have a look. in the end is
just some error configuration. so I fix it and upgrade
their SCSI server ... then I screw up:P

due to time and experience constraint, to track and
install the package is really pain in the ass. so I
take an easy way out, back out all the configuration 
file and personal file to another disk, fdisk and
reinstall ... well ... just though this is going to
work. I forgot to preserve the attribute while copy(cp
-p), another bum.
then I have to look at the log, startup script to
modify the attribute. it's take sometime for me to get
back the server. anyway, I'm not a sys admin type, I'm
sure the admin guys can do a better job then me. I
just doing my friend a favor, well, as least I learn
something there. Just though it's might be interesting
to share.

p/s: it's only work if you know your application
configuration file is backward compatible. I pretty
sure most of they configuration file is backward
compatible except the latest BIND.

hmmm, but I haven't to got the chance to try gentoo,
if this is true ... I think I might give gentoo a try.
Or if you have time to spare, maybe it's a good idea
to look up the code and understand what cause these
nasty error.


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