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[ossig] (Fwd) Seeking news, discussion of open source in the public se

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From:           	"Nick Arnett" <narnett@mccmedia.com>
To:             	<malaysia-isoc-owner@yahoogroups.com>
Subject:        	Seeking news, discussion of open source in the public 
Date sent:      	Thu, 31 Jul 2003 12:07:13 -0700

We are posting an item today on www.opensector.org regarding open source
software in government in Malaysia (see
http://www.opensector.org/1059674830) and I came across your mailing list 
I was searching for places where we might look for contributors to the 
which Mitch Kapor announced at OSCON earlier this month.  If you feel it
appropriate, could you share the following with your list?

OpenSector.org is building a global army of contributors and 
who will contribute tips, articles, news and discussion to
www.opensector.org, a web site focused on the use of open source software 
the public sector, especially government and education.  If you are
interested in helping (even occasionally), please visit the site or 
the site managers at "osadmin@opensector.org".  OpenSector.org's launch 
announced July 10, 2003 by keynote speaker Mitch Kapor at O'Reilly's Open
Source Conference.


Nick Arnett
Phone/fax: (408) 904-7198

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