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Re: [ossig] Okay, now THIS makes me mad... [RH8]

On 30 May 2003 at 17:54, Christopher DeMarco wrote:

> I have host.conf just like you... but what's  the point of it?  It seems
> to duplicate nsswitch.conf,  which AFAIK is  the de facto  standard - my
> kneejerk   reaction is  that   RH  re-invented the   wheel.   Why  is it
> necessary?   the  man page  sez   "information specific to the  resolver
> library"... isn't this what Sun did with nsswitch.conf way back in early
> 90s?!

This is not a new thing for RH Linux.  RH as far back as RH 5.2 already 
had both the host.conf and nsswitch.conf files.  Early versions of the 
Linux libc library used host.conf as the configuration file for the 
resolver functions.  However with glibc 2 the name service switch was 
implemented, and this used nsswitch.conf.

From what I know, on a RH installation, host.conf is put in by the RH 
setup package, while nsswitch.conf is put in by the glibc package.  I 
suppose in environments which do not make use of nss there is still a need 
for host.conf hence the existence of both files.

Soo Hoe

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