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Re: [ossig] Hard disk optimization, and maybe notebook optimization2

"Tejinder Singh" <Tejinder@apiit.edu.my> writes:

> Thanks  for the  info.    I  find that  my  notebook    suddenly seems
> "slow". takes awhile  to  boot up, takes  a  very long while to  start
> sendmail, snmptrapd.

"Takes a while to boot up" is likely indicative of three things:
1.  Bad hard disk parameters:
        cat /proc/ide/piix
        cat /proc/ide/hd[a..d]/settings
2.  Bad ( or simply  complicated ) config  of startup services - you say
sendmail snmptrapd are  slow, are they  configured correctly?  These can
both be network-dependent;  are  you sure   that's not  the  bottleneck?
Especially since you were  fine over the  weekend when you  (presumably)
didn't have access to your work network...
3.  Dieing hardware.  I hope not, for your sake ;)

> Once in the GUI, starting a TERMINAL session is  a patience game. What

Terminal  == ?  xterm/kterm/gnome-terminal/aterm/eterm/rxvt/etc.?  Or do
you mean telnet/ssh/rsh?

I'm betting on the hard disk settings being incorrect...

Another   very   very  nice  resource  monitoring   package  is gkrellm:
http://www.gkrellm.net ; also ships with RH8 (don't know about 9).

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