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RE: [ossig] DNS equivalent of RFC1918 private IPs?

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From: nsh@pop.jaring.my

Have you looked at RFC2606/BCP32 "Reserved Top Level DNS Names"?  
That document says that the top level domains 
".test",".example",".invalid" and ".localhost" are reserved for 
testing adn documentation purposes and will not be used later.  In 
addition it has also specified that the second level domains:  
example.com, example.net, and example.org are also reserved for 
testing and internal use only.  

This is good; something to be learned !
Though as consultant to whomsoever I wouldn't recommend to do so with a look
into the future. 
One fine day the network *will* join that not-so-super highway and then
we're screwed. All configs, hostnames have to be changed and all users have
to re-learn.
My suggestion: set up everything the way you want it to look like; use the
names you like. Later transition to your real domain on the Internet gets
much easier: a single delegation and a few changes in named.conf. Done.

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