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RE: [ossig] DNS equivalent of RFC1918 private IPs?

Only saw this now, the root.hints ..

Sounds like what I want - no resolution beyond one domain, no IP routing
at  all... what version of  BIND did you use?   And did you bother about
the root.hints at all?

The only weak point I could make out is here. If you have a host in your
network without entry in the zone-file, of course the query will be
forwarded (I *might* find a way to even prevent this !). The same applies to
a typo in the hostname. But this is very common and shouldn't  bother
anyone. The query will go up and down with 'unknown host' like always ...

In case you pointed at the fact that your network is not connected to the
Internet, the root.hints don't bother you. Simply unavailable nameservers.
No answer, no problem: Unknown host.


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