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[ossig] DNS equivalent of RFC1918 private IPs?

Hi  all...    I've   got  an  internal network   which  has  NO Internet
connectivity.  I'm using  DNS to handle naming, and  up to now I've been
using "foo.com" as my domain name  even though it's  not mine.  No prob,
right, since my  NS will  only ever be  used by  my internal no-Internet
network.  Yeah I know, bad idea for multiple reasons... but I don't have
delegation of a namespace which I can use for this project, and I *need*
to use DNS.

So  I got to  wondering  whether there's a DNS    analog to the  RFC1918
"private" non-routable  IP  address space.    Something that  a)  nobody
"outside"  who might foolishly somehow use  my  NS for recursive queries
would ever look up  and b) no root server  would ever return  NS records
for, if somehow my network ever got onto  the big scary Information Toll

I had the idea of   just putting myself into a   totally bogus TLD  like
.foo.  But BIND is so broken that I don't  want to tempt  it with such a
wacky configuration and djbdns doesn't do dynamic updates >:b

Please, any ideas?

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  Christopher DeMarco
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