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Re: [ossig] Microsoft buys UNIX-licences !

On Tue, 20 May 2003, Tze-Meng Tan wrote:

> BSD went up against AT&T in the courts back in ancient history over
> pretty much the same thing and because of that the state of BSD code

the contention here was narrowed to just 4 source files, which bsd
promptly replaced and att dropped the suit.

> Basically I see this issue as a "coming of age" for Linux, FSF and GPL
> will be tested in the courts (it would have to happen sooner or later)

i doubt this suit will test the gpl. it's got nothing to do with the terms
of the gpl, more of misappropriation of property. the gpl still remains

> I too think that MS must have instigated SCO to do this and the UNIX
> licensing BS is just a formal way for MS to fund SCOs lawyers in this

i said the same thing in today's blog. :)

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