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MS=>Apple? Was: Re: [ossig] What is the real solution? Consolidation?

> Mukhsein Johari wrote:
> > Personally, I'd welcome this move - relegate MS to niche 'high end' use like Apple. The rest of us can enjoy commodity hardware with commodity software (foss) with the associated low price.
> > 

> I just hope that somebody finishes the 2nd half of the X box challenge,
> then we can all buy X boxes as cheap Linux servers, secure in the knowledge
> that each one is being subsidized by our friends at Redmond :)

Hmm...are X Boxes cheap? If they are...will there be co-location service providers for x-boxen? :-)

> I wouldn't say MS is high end... how many clusters run on NT :) ??

Hence the '' around the term used. Sorry for the cynicism but to me 'high end' customers are those too ignorant of the cheaper / better price:performance alternatives.

On this note, I wonder how many ISV/IHV will want to support MS initiatives (eg. palladium - what? in the far east? no way!) in the long run. Maybe at some point they will wise up and stop paying the MS tax? This will then relegate MS (with the Athens) to a niche like Apple. Useful for certain people.

Or will the world PC market consist of non-commodity machines like Macs and Athenses? With the world economy being what it is, will this in fact be the final shove that will drive the world to foss platforms? Since if that happened, only the Athens machines will run MS software just as only Macs run MacOS software. Will there be an MS bios chip? This would be an interesting world indeed.

Mukhsein Johari

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