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Re: [ossig] NAT on home network with RH8 - GUI solutions only please!

Imran William Smith <iwsmith@mimos.my> writes:

> It's amazing driving around Palo Alto area, so many famous computer
> companies in such a small space.  I recommend a trip for any geek  :)

I lived in the Valley for a year, and was so dazzled by the geek culture
there that  I didn't do  anything touristy - Hollywood,  redwood forest,
etc.  I worked just down the street from mysimon.com (how are they still
in business!?) and IN the  former datacenter for onsale.com.  Drive past
ATI, the Sun/Netscape Java research  offices, the huge new Yahoo campus,
etc. etc.  Pretty damn cool.  And of course I drove around Infinite Loop
(the Apple campus) forever...

Seattle is cool like that  as well, lotsa big-name high-tech companies -
but SV is just unbelievable.

Not bragging, just reminiscing... actually I really miss that place.
Good food too!  There's even a coupla Malaysian restaurants...

% You are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike.
  Christopher DeMarco
  +6013 389 5658

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