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Re: [ossig] DNS problems

At 16:46 01/05/2003 +1000, you wrote:

here, we pay something like $99, for a 3GB cap on downloads *per month*.
sharing that and giving off internet access is probably not too good, if
you get a leecher or something. though, several dsl providers here have
unlimited downloads, at albeit slower speeds - now with a wifi bridge
around my area, anyone can literally hop on the network and get network
access. the internet is relatively "free" at about $150/mo (with 9 users
paying for it, whom don't mind sharing).

so its just the attitude, imho.
as long as the "sharers" don occupied 100% bandwidth, i would not mind... me running now ADSL from Telekom (german ones) and shared it with two neighbours (shhh... that is not suppose to be so i guess :P) and one of them is running off WLAN. i believe since i have no time to play with VPN too much, anyone can just hop on to my network and start surfing...

as i said, if he is curtious, and just use casually... there is no diff to me :) i will only think it is bad, when he
1. used up all my bandwidth, especially when i wanna chat with my gf...
2. start doing illegal stuffs with my network...
3. got too interested in owning my network.

then i have to do something :)

internet is about sharing, so why not bandwidth when you can help a liitle?

regards, SL