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Re: [ossig] Elderly folks in M'sia learn open source

Thats impressive... well done Colin Charles and all involved !

> By Charles Moreira, The Star Online
>      Thursday, December 26 2002 1:54 PM
>      PETALING JAYA--Senior citizens from a community group in Kuala Lumpur have
>      greatly impressed their trainer, Colin Charles, by quickly learning how to install and
>      configure the Linux Red Hat 8.0 operating system.
>      "On the first day, some of these senior citizens--in their 60s and 70s--didnít even know how to
>      switch on a computer," Charles said, after hosting a three-day Open Source Software
>      Workshop at the Cosmopoint Corporate Training Center earlier this month.
>      "But they soon learned to install Linux Red Hat 8.0 all by themselves, and stayed the whole
>      course," Charles, a Linux Professional Institute certified trainer, said in a recent interview.
>      The group of 26 senior folks also learned how to configure modems and printers to work under
>      Linux, synchronize a PalmOS-based handheld device, download pictures from a digital camera
>      through a USB (universal serial bus) port, and edit them with the G-Photo photo-editing
>      software.
>      After graduating from the course, they hope to train their fellow members on Linux-based
>      desktop productivity tools like OpenOffice.org, the Mozilla browser, X-CD-Roast CD burning
>      software, Charles noted.
>      For example, a school teacher, who declined to be named, said: "I can influence my school's
>      computer clubs to use Linux...with open source software, they don't have to pay licensing
>      fees."
>      The workshop, which cost RM50 (US$13.16) per attendee, was organized by the Malaysian
>      National Computer Confederation's Open Source Special Interest Group (MNCC-OSSIG).
>      It was aided by Advanced Technology Studies Centre (atSC), Cosmopoint (which provided its
>      premises and computer facilities), Delmaco, Getronics Solutions Malaysia, I-Enterprise Online,
>      Ingenuity Microsystems and Meteor Technology.
>      MNCC-OSSIG plans to hold its next workshop in Penang in February, as well as further
>      sessions in the Klang Valley. However, MNCC-OSSIG members said they would need a
>      sponsor like Cosmopoint to provide the premises and facilities.
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