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[ossig] GNU/Linux installfest

Hi, I'm new to the list and don't know much about the group in general, but...

I'm putting together an informal GNU/Linux installfest with some of my
colleagues sometime in the next few weeks - the object will be threefold:
1.  To help GNU/Linux newbies get off the ground smoothly & enjoyably
2.  For those of us who are experienced, to install & play with any
distros/versions we don't already have - SuSE 8, Red Hat 8, Debian 3
3.  To generally get to know everybody and drink lots of coffee.

Note that #3 is often the real, if unspoken objective ;)

So far, of the people I've contacted personally, I've got one GNUbie, one
BSD-ite and two war-hardened veterans.  The venue would most likely be in the PJ
area, but if everybody has laptops we might invade Mont Kiara Starbucks.  Time
is yet to be determined, but will definately be outside of work hours ;)

So - who's interested?
 (if I'm off-topic please be gentle)

You are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike.
Christopher DeMarco

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