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Re: [ossig] mdc - call for volunteers!

On 15 Oct 2002 at 11:17, Mukhsein Johari wrote:

> Unfortunately, I'm not sure I can lead it. I may be able to admin to
> one bsd box and zope. I think to get it started, Meng and I can do it

We need some leaders to get the ball rolling.  Since Dinesh has 
volunteered, if you and Meng and him can do that it will be great.  
Of course you will have people to help out in the actual admin etc.  
We need some people to lead and plan this whole thing with input from 
the rest of the guys of course.

> Dr. Nah? I think we could use your help here too. You have the 'voice'
> (no, not Dune related!) of authority and wisdom. I think the problem

Yes I am interested in this and as I have said before, we should take 
advantage of this opportunity and work with MDC.  I will be involved 
in this but I will prefer letting some new faces take the lead for a 
change if possible.  I will definitely help out where I can.

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