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Re: [ossig] mdc - call for volunteers!

what platform are we talking about now ?

On Tue, 2002-10-15 at 11:17, Mukhsein Johari wrote:
> > Any volunteers? If we have a few volunteers willing to
> > stand out and introduce him/herself to the group. We
> > could vote for someone and give full support to
> > his/her leadership.
> > Alternatively, if Mukhsein is willing to contribute is
> > talent, and share his experience, he is probably the
> > best person. Mukhsein, what's your view on this?
> Unfortunately, I'm not sure I can lead it. I may be able to admin to one bsd box and zope. I think to get it started, Meng and I can do it but after that, we need admins who'll be willing to do the job. I currently have my hands full at UM (We're setting up a computing grid with a couple of other unis. I'm learning a lot here but it's pretty full time!).
> Or, Meng, if you're willing, we can simply be 'coordinators'/facilitators (since you know the mdc guys - and I haven't got a car to use on a daily basis - so I'm not mobile). The actual admins should be a roster of folks interested in doing it. 
> You know, you can learn a lot adminning - I sugest students on this list take up this challenge - if you run into trouble, you can always post a message to this list fopr help.
> Dr. Nah? I think we could use your help here too. You have the 'voice' (no, not Dune related!) of authority and wisdom. I think the problem with being a leader is that you have to be willing to make tough decisions and sometimes unpopular decisions. It helps if you have the credibility and respect of others. Just my 2sen.
> Regards,
> Mukhsein Johari
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