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Re: [ossig] mdc - call for volunteers!

On Tue, 15 Oct 2002, Mukhsein Johari wrote:

> Unfortunately, I'm not sure I can lead it. I may be able to admin to one

first up, i've been quiet this past month or two due to two reasons.
firstly i was out of the country for a good part of it, and secondly
professional commitments kept me out of the loop as well. anyways, i'm
back now. :)

been following developments viz mdc and their offer of hosting boxen for
us, and while i still have my reservations, we shouldnt also be staring a
gift horse in the mouth and ignoring it.

my ideas for this bounty would be as follows, in order of priority:

1. source repositories for popular open source projects
	a. freebsd cvs repository for malaysia
	b. linux kernel sources
	c. apache sources
	d. mysql sources
	e. mozilla sources
	f. samba sources

2. precompiled binaries of above open source software for popular open
source platforms and windoze, where available.

3. build environments for local open source projects including
localization efforts of popular open source software.

4. proof of concept demonstrations for open source software capability.
sort of a permanent exhibition of open source usage in everyday consumer
and business environments.

5. mncc-ossig web site and discussion forum et al.

adminning the box shouldnt be too tough for starters, as i think (and
correct me if i am wrong) we'd only be allowing shell access to trusted
developers instead of opening it up willy-nilly. to this aim, perhaps a
committee of sorts should vet thru applications to host local open source
projects to ascertain validity and sincerity of effort. even then, the
developers would only be running in a jailed environment, so damage would
be reduced if it should occur.

engineering wise, these boxen should be considered production use, so no
updating as and when someone feels like it. it doesnt have to be running
the bestest and the greatest, but it needs to be running the stablest. so
this would cut down on downtime of the boxes as well as reduce the need
for physical presence at the box site.

this is something that is definitely doable and i think with proper
implementation, it wouldnt really tax any of our resources. we've already
got a few volunteers to assist in this and what we just need is some
stability over the next few months as this thing firms up.

since i think i will be relatively workless over the next month or two, i
could assist tmtan in liason/coordination with mdc as well as take up
adminning/engineering of the bsd boxen.

so how ?

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