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[ossig] mdc - call for volunteers!

> Any volunteers? If we have a few volunteers willing to
> stand out and introduce him/herself to the group. We
> could vote for someone and give full support to
> his/her leadership.
> Alternatively, if Mukhsein is willing to contribute is
> talent, and share his experience, he is probably the
> best person. Mukhsein, what's your view on this?

Unfortunately, I'm not sure I can lead it. I may be able to admin to one bsd box and zope. I think to get it started, Meng and I can do it but after that, we need admins who'll be willing to do the job. I currently have my hands full at UM (We're setting up a computing grid with a couple of other unis. I'm learning a lot here but it's pretty full time!).

Or, Meng, if you're willing, we can simply be 'coordinators'/facilitators (since you know the mdc guys - and I haven't got a car to use on a daily basis - so I'm not mobile). The actual admins should be a roster of folks interested in doing it. 

You know, you can learn a lot adminning - I sugest students on this list take up this challenge - if you run into trouble, you can always post a message to this list fopr help.

Dr. Nah? I think we could use your help here too. You have the 'voice' (no, not Dune related!) of authority and wisdom. I think the problem with being a leader is that you have to be willing to make tough decisions and sometimes unpopular decisions. It helps if you have the credibility and respect of others. Just my 2sen.

Mukhsein Johari

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