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Re: [ossig] Are we set on the servers? Admins?

On 12 Oct 2002 at 0:43, Nan Phin wrote:

> thank tan....
> i need to discuss with lim and nah, and see what is the best approach.
> we need to put some security to the mncc domain, as we want to
> host the local linux+ and lpi certified pro db and also
> to host the SEARCC conf web site.

In my view, the MDC servers should be used for hosting OSS projects and 
portal information as well as possibly MNCC-OSSIG contents.  I think we 
want to keep distinct the general contents for the MNCC website, i.e. 
contents pertaining to its activities, council documents, members' 
documents etc.  So IMHO, MNCC website should still be kept at its present 
place under MNCC control but the OSS activities and projects, including 
Linux+ and LPI contents/activities, can go under the MDC servers.

Soo Hoe

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