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[ossig] StarOffice push intensifies in Malaysia

Malaysia's education ministry is the latest recipient of the
software suite.

The donation, valued at RM475 million (US$125 million), is set to benefit 2.5 million students from 9,000 schools, and 500 colleges
and universities country-wide, said Sun in a statement.

StarOffice 6.0--which runs on Linux, Windows and Sun's Solaris--is a set of desktop productivity tools with word processing,
spreadsheet, presentation and image editing functions. Sun had given an earlier version of StarOffice to education departments in
Selangor and Penang.

This (donation) marks a first step in encouraging the use of open-source software throughout our education system, said Malaysia's
education minister Musa Mohamad.

Open-source describes a move that allows programmers to collaboratively create software that may be freely modified, shared and

"In a country such as Malaysia where proprietary software has always been pricey, open-source is likely to play a bigger role in
helping the government realize its vision of a knowledge-based society by providing cost-effective and efficient programs," Musa

The ministry is also exploring the possibility of deploying Linux-based appliance servers in schools to provide students and teachers
networked access to their applications, said Govinathan Pillai, managing director for Sun's Malaysia operations.

The StarOffice deal in Malaysia, together with similar ones in Europe, Africa, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Chile earlier this year,
mean that the software could potentially be used by over 225 million students.

Sun, which makes most of its money selling servers, has yet to announce major corporate users for StarOffice 6.0.



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