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Re: [ossig] MDC - who'

Any volunteers? If we have a few volunteers willing to
stand out and introduce him/herself to the group. We
could vote for someone and give full support to
his/her leadership.
Alternatively, if Mukhsein is willing to contribute is
talent, and share his experience, he is probably the
best person. Mukhsein, what's your view on this?

 --- "tmtan@tm.net.my" <tmtan@tm.net.my> wrote: > I am
willing but unable, sorry
> like I said, I can remain as liason with MDC until
> the need for a liason 
> is unnecessary - when the admin team and MDC know
> each other.
> > Nah Soo Hoe wrote:
> > > People, we need someone or some individuals to
> step up and take the lead 
> > > here.  I have suggested Mukhsein and TMTan
> previously so how about it?
> > 
> > good then, if they're willing to
> > 
> > regards

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