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Re: [ossig] Are we set on the servers? Admins?

Hi All

> I was wondering - should we not decide on the servers on the basis of usage as opposed to the OS/platform?

actually the OS/platform variation is to give people the chance to develop stuff which 
can be easily portable to other platforms....many OSS developers usually have one 
platform available and it is usually difficult to obtain access to other platforms to test 
their stuff on

Also it gives people the change to play with stuff they can't personally afford ... we are 
here to learn :)
> We would need at least 1 server for ossig and informational stuff - project websites, downloads and so on. 
>This is the erm...'portal' (this word is starting to sound very marketroid-speak-ish...) 
>for all interested in oss and ossig's activities. 
>This includes of course the domestic oss projects.

hahah I like that "marketroid" :)
yeah, no development on this one, just a decent community server

> Apart from that, there should be devel servers for actually hosting the 'live' projects - like for example zope or jboss applications. This would be more along the lines of web applications.
yep, no problems with this

> I'm not sure what the point of having a darwin (and other types of) server is - 
>I mean, if you want to fool around with darwin - why not simply download and install 
>on your home machine?
OSX and Darwin are new and hot, some of us BSD types are dying to get our mitts on 
a G4 server .... like I said, this is stuff we can't afford personally 
for example, my intel FreeBSD machine at home is my full time 24x7 dsl gateway/file 
server so rebooting it for "experimenting" with anything else is out of the question.

Anyway, we should try to reach as many people as possible.....linux machines for those 
who love penguins and bsd machines for those who love daemons and both machines 
for those who are OS agnostic :) .... if we can get both, why not?

> Here again, I would like to stress on focus - and also, that we realy do what we pledge to do. 
>No sense in dreaming of all sorts of things when we don't have the resources to 
>implement it!
> So, what do you guys think? Meng, what are you interested in doing?
I need to submit a request today, my original 2xG4 PPCs and 2xIntel servers ... no 
point having 4 of the same.

Ok, I also need a more formal structure for the team:
If you want to be an admin email me with the following information:

Full name
Primary email contact
Phone number (pref mobile)
OS expertise: xBSD or Linux 

We will also need to set up some trust mechanism....some sort of positive identification 
to show we are who we say we are. Without this any tom, dick, harry can volunteer to 
be admins and abuse the machines for launching attacks on others...so admins *must* 
be accountable. Any suggestions besides the ol "photocopy of IC" .... mebbe admins 
must be registered members of MNCC or something...ideas people ? 

We will also set up a meeting with MDC with the team later in a get to know each other 
session sometime.



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