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[ossig] India moving to Linux

Thursday 10 October 2002, 08:45

India moving to Linux
- It's simply economics

By Egan Orion:

INDIA'S GOVERNMENT Department of Information Technology has announced a
sweeping initiative to move the entire country to Linux as its "platform of
choice" in place of higher cost 'proprietary' software, reports the India
Times subsidiary Economic Times.

The plan is to establish Linux in Indian academic institutions as well as
throughout central and state government offices. India's business sector
also likely to move to Linux for its lower costs and to employ the Linux
skills developed in the large Indian IT workforce.

As a developing country, India feels the bite of expensive proprietary
software licenses much more acutely than other countries with mature
economies. Enforcing intellectual property rights -- as India has pledged to
do -- will spur its takeup of Linux open source software.

India also doesn't want to be caught napping while mainland China builds up
formidable IT infrastructure, solutions, and services. It's big neighbour
also embraced Linux with a similaR government initiative.

Although China's interest in Linux is partially motivated by security
concerns, India's decision seems to be based upon simple economics.

Two predictions: (1) Pakistan will soon adopt Linux too (and if India
chooses KDE, Pakistan will choose Gnome, and vice versa), and (2) some
executive at Microsoft will be buying a plane ticket to New Delhi, sharpish.



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