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Re: [ossig] that's not all

myoss@newmail.net wrote:
For average Joe Blow user, is there a sure-fire way to differentiate between "real" hardware (internal) modem from the winmodems ?

If you're an average Joe Blow user, you DON'T really care whether you're using a real modem of a winmodem.. ;-)

If you do care, then, by definition, you're not an average JB user anymore! Congrats!

Then you'll just need to run the "lspci" command. On my Compaq Armada M700, you'll see a line:

"00:09.1 Serial Controller: Lucent Microelectronics LT WinModem"

So, they're not so difficult to spot, and you can't be more obvious than this, right? ;-)

Note that some older distros may not have the command "lspci" install, if that is the case, a sure-fire way would be just looking at the /proc/pci" virtual file for any suspects...


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